Company background

Established in 2011, Tom's Garden Management is a bespoke landscaping service providing high quality garden services for your individual needs. From design through to ongoing maintenance every aspect of landscaping and horticulture is catered for: one-off clearance to reclaim your outdoor space from the wild, to full redevelopment and year round maintenance I can give you the garden you never knew you could have! Contact me for your free consultation.



Here are just some of the services I offer to transform and manage your garden. Click the titles to see more!

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I have a range of lawn mowers to expertly cut and stripe all sizes of lawn, and with any access; bringing my equipment through your house is no problem. I also have an automatic lawn rake and a range of spiking & slitting tools as used by the worlds top green keepers to bring a tired lawn new life. For new lawns, or as a replacement for a lawn too far gone, I can lay fresh turf or grass seed suited to your usage needs, aspect and soil acidity.

Using a petrol hedge trimmer I can give you spirit-level trimmed hedges and perfectly shaped shrubs. I'm not claiming to be Edward Scissorhands, but if you require something a little more striking I have plenty of experience in trimming intricate topiary too! If uniformity is not what you want in your garden then I'm just as happy to prune plants to their natural habit with my trusty secateurs.

Want to grow your own? No problem! I myself am a keen vegetable grower, and have kept my own garden as an allotment for several years. Whether you wish to dedicate an area of your garden to raised beds, or simply wish to incorporate some edible plants to existing borders I'll have you supplying your own kitchen (and probably half your friends') in no time!

I am not a registered tree surgeon, so I can't tackle that gigantic Oak that taps on your bedroom window when it's windy, however if my ladders can reach it I can prune it. This normally accounts for the smaller fruit and ornamental trees in your garden. With my expert pruning I'm confident of better displays of blossom which of course leads to better fruiting. As a guide, I will consider pruning any tree under the height of a second story window; beyond  that you'll need the surgeons.

I'm a good plantsman, I take pride in that! From reviving a tired border to cultivating and planting a new one I can give your garden colour all year round.

Decking can be a perfect addition to a garden, adding a space that is useable all year round. Any shape or size can be created using either hardwood, softwood or composite materials. Why not add a storage bench and some planters to create a versatile extra space? Once you have decking, or if you already have it, I can clean, repair and renovate to keep it useable, looking fresh and ensure your investment lasts.

Fencing is not only practical it also frames your garden. Standard shiplap panels, cube trellis panels or bespoke lateral trellis are all offered, as are high tensile galvanised wire fences which can support climbing plants for a green screen.

During the winter months (and most of the summer!) when there isn't as much sun-light, algae builds up on paved areas. I have a high-pressure washer that effortlessly blasts this dirt away to leave clean and slip-free paving. If the elements have caused the pointing between the slabs to break away then I can re-point your patio too.

Fallen leaves cause many problems in autumn including the spread of fungal infections and the yellowing of lawns. However, collected up and allowed to compost down they create a valuable source of nutrients for the gardener to give back to the plants.

Is something nibbling your plants or causing the leaves to change? There's probably a product available that can eliminate the problem! I have my PA1 and PA6 spraying certificates.

About me

My name is Tom, I am a friendly and gregarious 30 something chap based in Hackney. I have worked in prestige garden maintenance and landscaping for over ten years on projects ranging from modest mews properties, exclusive penthouses and country estates. In late 2010 I ventured out on my own to bring my knowledge and expertise closer to home in East London, in my own personable way. I'm never afraid of unique projects and relish challenges.

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Please contact me either by telephone or email to discuss your gardening needs and arrange an appointment for a free quote.

Landline: 0208 986 3339
Mobile: 0784 643 2744
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